Civil Rights and Police Misconduct

Civil rights protection
We support police officers who protect our rights. However, it is the ultimate betrayal when those we turn to for protection violate our rights. The power of the badge in the wrong hands can maximize our victimization.

We depend on the police to protect our civil rights and our government for the services we need. However, if you suffered injuries or violations of your rights by police officers or other government officials, you need help to get justice. Moreover, you may be entitled to numerous legal remedies, including financial compensation for you and accountability for the government’s misconduct.

Choose us for the help you deserve. We are on your side when you are subjected to police brutality, a police shooting, excessive force, police sexual assault, or police harassment. Also, we specialize in illegal racial profiling or discrimination, illegal arrest, and false or illegal imprisonment. In addition, come to us for illegal search and seizure, wrongful conviction, and other violations of the U.S. Constitution.

Fighting for Civil Rights

You can count on our civil rights and police or government misconduct experts to aggressively fight for the best possible results for you. Moreover, our dedication to justice can be seen in the millions we have won for our clients.

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