Criminal Defense

Many crimes can be tried as either a felony or misdemeanor, including DUI, drug crimes, and violent crimes. You may think it is only a misdemeanor. However, the prosecutor may try to raise the level of the charges to a felony. Similarly, your attorney can argue to lower the offense to a misdemeanor, if there is compelling evidence. We are criminal defense lawyers who will fight for you and on your side.

Even a misdemeanor, which is the more minor of the two main categories of crimes, can cause you serious problems. There are nearly 1,900 state misdemeanors on the books in Michigan. A misdemeanor can result in a fine and/or a short period of incarceration, typically up to one year.  The default definition for violations of state statutes: any infringement of state law that is not specifically a felony or as a civil infraction is a misdemeanor.

Criminal Defense Lawyers On Your Side

Perhaps, you made a mistake. The truth is that people are not perfect. However, don’t become a victim of the system. Contact us. We are criminal defense lawyers ready to safeguard your rights.

Also, see Civil Rights and Police Misconduct.


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